Student Technology Guide

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The Student Technology Guide provides password management information including password reset, updates, or expired passwords.  Support for email questions, Canvas help, and free software downloads are also found here. Check out the map of Campus Wi-Fi connections and learn how to download the free software applications provided for San Juan College students and employees.

Need more help? Please Submit a Help Desk Ticket

Can't Log In?

Please Note: To access your account for the first time, you must log in to your SJC email account using your San Juan College email address and default password. This will allow you to set up your security questions and Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) methods. Be sure to reset your default password after your initial password setup. 

Vector image of two locks. One open and one closed.

Visit our Password and Account Help page for help with how to:

  • Set up Multifactor Authentication (MFA)
  • Unlock your account
  • Reset a forgotten password
  • Change your current password
  • Change an expired password
  • Change authentication methods and security settings

SJC Student Email

At San Juan College, your email is the main source of communication. Be sure to check your email often to stay up to date on classes, events, and other information. Your student e-mail address is If you do not know your username, visit the Password and Account Help page. 

How to access your student email:

You can access your SJC Student e-mail through MySJC or by navigating to

Person sitting with cup of coffee at computer with SJC website

To set up SJC email on Apple mobile devices:

  1. On your device, navigate to Settings >> Mail >> Add Account
  2. Choose MS Exchange
  3. Enter your San Juan College email
  4. Click Next
  5. Click Sign In
  6. Enter SJC credentials

NOTE: For first-time setup, you will need to use Multifactor Authentication (MFA). 

To set up SJC email on Android mobile devices:

  1. On your device, navigate to Settings >> Account >> Add Account
  2. Choose Exchange
  3. Enter your San Juan College email
  4. Enter your San Juan College Password
  5. Click Next

NOTE: For first-time setup, you will need to use Multifactor Authentication (MFA). 

To set up the Outlook email app on your mobile devices:

  • Download the app from your app store
  • Add your account using your SJC email address and password
  • On the More information required screen, press Next
  • On the Additional security verification screen Step 1:
    • Select the verification method in the first dropdown.
    • Then select your country or region and enter your verification phone number.
    • Under Method, select either text or call me. Press Next.
  • On the next screen, Step 2: enter the code that you receive either via call or text message. Press Verify.
  • On the Step 3 screen: Press Done

Canvas Help

Canvas is the Learning Management System used by San Juan College Faculty to provide handouts, enter grades, assign homework, post discussions, and communicate with students. Check with your instructor to see how they plan to use Canvas. All online courses follow dates specified in Self-Service when you registered for classes. Please visit Account Help Page to check your schedule for your courses' start dates.

Can't log in? Go to the Password and Account Help Page

What to know about Canvas

  • Canvas accounts are created after you register for classes for the first time or if you have not registered for classes since 2013.
  • You cannot access your Canvas course until the day the class starts. 
  • Online students are expected to log in to Canvas on the first day of class.
  • Google Chrome web browser is the preferred browser to use with Canvas. Some features of Canvas may not function properly in other browsers. To download Google Chrome visit Google's Chrome download page.
  • It is not recommended to use the Canvas Mobile App for your entire course as the mobile app does not have the same capabilities as the browser-based version and you may not be able to do everything that you need to do.

Frequently Asked Questions for Canvas

Instructors provide contact information within their Canvas courses. Please see the Course Syllabus for your instructor's preferred contact method.

When you log in to Canvas, you will see course cards on your Dashboard for courses you are currently enrolled in.

If your courses do not display:

  1. Click the “Courses” icon.
  2. Click the “All Courses” link.
  3. Click the star next to a course to add it to the Dashboard.

*Those courses with orange stars are displayed on the Dashboard.*

San Juan College’s online courses are not self-paced. Each instructor has a schedule with assignment due dates that must be met. Please consult the course syllabus for these dates. You can also refer to the SJC course schedule for more information about course start and end dates.

NOTE: If your course shows "unpublished," please reach out to your instructor and let them know it is not published and that you are unable to access the course. Courses that have not started yet are not available until the first day - unless the instructor makes them available early. 

Google Chrome is the preferred browser to use with Canvas. Safari and Firefox are also compatible with Canvas. We have found that Internet Explorer, Edge and the Canvas Mobile App do not consistently allow assignment uploads.

Download Google Chrome

Instructors are responsible for adding and publishing content in their courses. If you do not see any content in your Canvas course, please contact your instructor. 

Instructors can integrate a variety of tools into a Canvas course. These tools may include:

  • Panopto
  • BrainFuse
  • MindTap
  • LockDown Browser
  • Pearson's MyLab & Mastering 
  • Connect
  • SmarterProctoring
  • Unicheck Submission Process

If you have any issues using these tools, submit a Help Desk Ticket.

Software Accessibility Statement Privacy Statement
Adobe Products Adobe Accessibility Statement Adobe Privacy Statement
AHIMA VLab Not Available AHIMA Privacy Statement
American Association for Respiratory Care ( Not Available  AARC Privacy Statement
BrainFuse  Not Available BrainFuse Privacy Statement 
Canvas Canvas Accessibility Statement Canvas Privacy Statement
Canvas Credentials (Badgr) Canvas Credentials Accessibility Statement Canvas Credentials Privacy Statement
Cartes Du Ciel Not Available Not Available
Cengage Cengage Accessibility Statement Cengage Privacy Statement
Cengage Mindtap Cengage Mindtap Accessibility Statement Cengage MindTap Privacy Statement
Code Block Not Available Not Available
Elsevier/Evolve Elsevier/Evolve Accessibility Statement Elsevier/Evolve Privacy Statement 
eScienceLabs eScienceLabs Accessibility Statement eScienceLabs Privacy Statement
FA Davis/Davis Plus FA Davis Accessibility Statement FA Davis Privacy Statement
Firefox Firefox Accessibility Statement Firefox Privacy Statement
Google Products Google Accessibility Statement Google Privacy Statement
Jones & Bartlett Jones & Bartlett Accessibility Statement Jones & Bartlett Privacy Statement
Kahoot Kahoot Accessibility Statement Kahoot Privacy Statement
Kettering Classmate Learning Resources Not Available Not Available
MacMillan Launchpad MacMillan Launchpad Accessibility Statement MacMillan Launchpad Privacy Statement
MacMillan Learning MacMillan Learning Accessibility Statement Macmillan Learning Privacy Statement
Mathjax Mathjax Accessibility Statement Not Available
McGraw-Hill Connect McGraw-Hill Accessibility Statement McGraw-Hill Connect Privacy Statement
Microsoft Products Microsoft Accessibility Statement. Microsoft Privacy Statement
Microsoft Visual Studio Microsoft Visual Studio Accessibility Statement Microsoft Visual Studio Privacy Statement
MindEdge MindEdge Accessibility Statement MindEdge Privacy Statement
Mosby Not Available Not Available
My Hair Dressers Not Available  My Hair Dressers Privacy Statement 
National Board for Respiratory Care ( Not Available NBRC Privacy Statement Planetarium Not available Neave Privacy Statement
Norton Field Guide Norton Accessibility Statement Norton Field Guide Privacy Statement
Optum 360 Encoder Pro Not Available Optum 360 Encoder Pro  Privacy Statement
Panopto Panopto Accessibility Statement Panopto Privacy Statement
Paradigm Publishing Paradigm Accessibility Statement Paradigm Privacy Statement
Pearson MyItLab Pearson MyITLab Accessibility Statement Pearson MyITLab Privacy Statement
Pearson MyMathLab Pearson MyMathLab Accessibility Statement Pearson MyMathLab Privacy Statement
Pearson Revel Pearson Revel Accessibility Statement Pearson Revel Privacy Statement
PivotPoint Not Available  PivotPoint Privacy Statement
Respondus LockDown Browser Respondus Lockdown Browser Accessibility Statement Respondus Lockdown Browser Privacy Statement
Rhapsode Learning Rhapsode Learning Accessibility Statement Rhapsode Learning Privacy Statement
Rosetta Stone Not available Rosetta Stone Privacy Statement
Safari Safari Accessibility Statement Safari Privacy Statement
SmarterProctoring SmarterProctoring Accessibility Statement SmarterProctoring Privacy Statement
SoftChalk SoftChalk Accessibility Statement SoftChalk Privacy Statement
Stellarium Not Available Not Available
Tableau Tableau Accessibility Statement Tableau Privacy Statement
Townsend Press Townsend Press Accessibility Statement Townsend Press Privacy Statement
Turnitin Turnitin Accessibility Statement Turnitin Privacy Statement
Unicheck Unicheck Accessibility Statement Unicheck Privacy Statement
YouTube YouTube Accessibility Statement YouTube Privacy Statement
Zoom Zoom Accessibility Statement Zoom Privacy Statement

For more Canvas help and resources, visit Instructure's Student Guide or submit a ticket to the SJC Help Desk.

Free Software Applications

San Juan College offers several FREE software applications to provide students with the technology tools for academic success. 

Download Microsoft 365 for Free

San Juan College offers free access to Microsoft 365 (formerly Microsoft Office) Applications. 

For the most up-to-date instructions on installing Microsoft 365, please visit the Microsoft 365 Support Page.

Download Google Chrome

How to download and install Google Chrome onto your computer:

  1. Visit the Google Chrome Download Website.
  2. Click Download Chrome.
  3. Save the Install File to your computer. By default, this will be in the "Downloads" folder.
  4. Run the Installer and follow the onscreen instructions.

For more information about installing Google Chrome onto your computer, visit the Google Support website.

Download Autodesk for Free

San Juan College Students can download a free version of Autodesk software for home use. 

Visit the Autodesk website for more information.

SJC Approved Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Applications 

San Juan College ITC has approved the following Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Programs.  The full versions of these programs are not provided for free but are highly recommended.

Anti-Virus Software

Sophos Free Trial Download 

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Malwarebytes Free Download


San Juan College Students can access software required for their courses through our virtual labs.

  • Microsoft Office and Autodesk are available to students for free by following the instructions listed in the side tabs of this Software Applications section.
  • Students can download instructions for Access to SJC Virtual Labs or go directly to Virtual Labs on the SJC Citrix Website.

Connecting to the SJC Wireless Networks

WiFi symbol with purple transmitter box and antennaeConnecting to SJC Student Wifi

All students have access to connect to the SJC Students Network with their SJC login information.

  1. On your device, view the available networks and select SJC-Student.
  2. You will be asked for your username and password.  
  3. Log in with your student credentials.
  4. You may be asked if you want to "Continue connecting". If you expect to find SJC-Student in this location, go ahead and connect. Otherwise, it may be a different network with the same name. Show Certificate details, and then a connect button or a cancel button.  Click the Connect button to connect to SJC-Student.

Connecting to SJC Guest Wifi

  1. On your laptop, view the available networks and select SJC_Guest.
  2. A blank-looking webpage will open. Let it sit for a bit.  
  3. The device is now connected to SJC Guest. Your blank webpage will redirect to the San Juan College home page. 

Please call the Help Desk at (505) 566-3266 if you need further assistance finding these locations.

The SJC West Campus Parking Lot (Kirtland) will be open from 8am to 7pm Monday thru Friday

San Juan College will have wireless available in:

  • Parking Lots A and B on either side of the Campus Avenue Entrance
  • Parking Lot F closest to the Clock Tower
  • Parking lot G outside of the Welding Department
  • The Parking Lot located next to the Physical Plant Building
  • In between Parking Lots J and K outside the Trades and Technology Building
  • Parking Lot K outside the Trades and Technology Building
  • Parking Lot P outside the Information Technology Building and Child and Family Development Center
  • Parking Lot X in between The Well Site Simulator and the Quality Center for Business Building
  • Henderson Fine Arts Center - 9000s Hallway - Tables with appropriate social distancing will be provided. 

San Juan College will have wireless available in Parking Lots A and B on either side of the Campus Avenue Entrance Parking Lot F closest to the Clock Tower, Parking lot G outside of the Welding Department in the Central Classroom Complex. Praking Lot P, Parking Lot K, and in between Parking lots J and K, and Parking lot X by SOE Well Site Simulator

Clearing Your Browser Cache

NOTE: If you are having issues accessing the library databases off-campus, please try to clear the cache in your browser and try to access them again.

What is a Browser Cache?

When you navigate to a website, your browser saves pieces of information, such as images and files, within a cache so the web page may load faster the next time you visit that website.

Why do I need to clear my Browser Cache?

In some cases, having stored data in a cache can cause loading problems for a page. For example, if a web editor makes a change on a website and your browser has information for that site stored, the browser will display the old files that it had stored rather than loading the new data. It is a good idea to clear your cache regularly to ensure you are viewing correct information on frequently visited sites and to avoid loading errors.

Instructions for clearing a browser cache vary by device and browser. Please choose from the options below to find the instructions that will work for your preferred browser or device. 

Printing on Campus

Learn how to set up your SJC ID card for printing, print to any copier, and print from your mobile device. 

Set up SJC ID Card to Print (first time)

  1. Swipe your SJC ID card on the side of the printer. 
  2. Select User Name and enter your SJC user name.
  3. Select Password and enter your SJC password.

Printing on Campus

Print to Campus Copier from your computer:

Documents can be printed to any copier on campus. First, select "Secure Print" on sjcvpunipsfm.

    1. Go to any printer on campus and swipe your SJC ID card on the side of the printer.
    2. Select "Secure Print" to see your print job queue.
    3. Select either "Print+Delete" or "Print All".
    4. If you are unable to print from your computer, submit a Help Desk Ticket.

Email Copy Services for printing:

Documents can be emailed to for printing and picked up from Copy Services.

    • Print jobs should be for college purposes and not personal use e.g., wedding invites, personal flyers.
    • Emailed documents should be sent from an SJC email address to avoid getting blocked.
    • Students must pay for copies with a card or cash. Printing accounts are not connected to these printing requests.
    • SJC Employees may log in for additional instructions on charging print jobs to accounts, using interoffice mail, etc.

Mobile Printing

Print on campus from any device! 

  1. From any device, log into your San Juan College email. Attach the file you wish to print to an email and send it to
  2. Log in to any copier on campus and select "Secure Print". Two print jobs will be listed in the queue, the email and the attachment. Print only the attachment.
  3. If you are unable to mobile print from your device, please submit a Help Desk Ticket.

Note: Mobile printing only works when emailing from San Juan College email accounts.


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